Lissa has been in the beauty and health industry for over 10 years. She specializes in makeup, skin care, and hairstyling. Lissa received her cosmetology license from The International Christine Valmy School. Always seeking to improve her skills she attended TNT Agency and Viba Academy where she became a certified makeup artist. She also attended an intensive hairstyling course at ElStile LA academy.


It all began with a vision of owning a business where she can share her passion and provide the best care to her clients. Diva Spas and Salon opened in New Jersey and North Bergen in 2008. After 7 successful years she sold Diva Spas and Salon in 2015 to pursue new ventures. She has worked in tv, fashion shows, award shows, etc.


Lissa has a natural ability to connect with her clients. Always providing the best experience and exceeding their expectations is how she has grown her following as Divas Glam, LLC. Working as an educator, freelance makeup artist, and hairstylist has given her the opportunity to help and inspire many individuals who are beginning their journey in this field.


The creation of Dazzling Cosmetics is one of Lissa’s many ways to continue inspiring and amazing others. Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength" is the verse she strongly believes in and the root of her success.


Lissanny Taveras

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Emelin  Pérez



Make-up Artist

Emelin began her career in the medical field working in different medical offices and a laboratory for thirteen years. Her initial goal was to become a nurse. Her sister then introduced her to the beauty industry and persuaded her to enter it. She began taking makeup workshops with several renowned artists, among them Massiel Nina from Dominican Republic and Michelly Palma from Brazil.

Her desire to excel in this field led her to travel to Los Angeles to get trained by TNT Agency. After receiving her Makeup Artist Certification she decided to add a microblading certificate to her repertoire. She received her certification at Advance Microblading Academy in Chicago, IL.  Alongside her sister they offer a variety of services at Diva Glam Studio. This duo are also in charge of organizing professional workshops in different states with well known international makeup artists.

Emelin believes that beauty lies within and makeup helps submerge that beauty allowing it to shine through. Once you exhibit confidence you become unstoppable

Crystal is the youngest member of the team, but her desire of starting her career in the world of beauty has pushed her to prepare herself by taking classes with her mentor Lissa. She has always been under her wings watching all her techniques.

Her needs to learn new and better things compelled her to take makeup workshops with Massiel Nina from the Dominican Republic and continue standing by Lissa’s side to follow her footsteps in what is makeup techniques, professionalism, and of course customer service.


Crystal believes all her fulfillments in makeup are owed to both Lissa and Emelin who have always encouraged her to be the best makeup artist they know she can be. Throughout the course of her journey in Diva’s Glam she has had the advantage of learning new things with the team. She feels that there is still plenty to learn and that there is no better way than to experience this incredible journey than with the Diva’s Glam family.



Make-up Artist

Chelly was born in the city of Morelia, Mexico. Graduated from College with a Bachelor degree in Law in 2012 and worked several years for the State Government. 

In 2014, She moved to New Jersey and enrolled at Raritan Valley Community College to further pursue her career in Law, but her passion and dream has always been in the makeup industry, so she enrolled at the Artist Makeup Academy (AMA) in Hoboken, New Jersey. 

She has participated in the New York Fashion Week (NYFW) to do Runway, where she was able to enhance her skills and continue to learn new techniques. Since then, she has been taking several different courses taught by Internationally renown Makeup Artists. She is currently a member of the Diva Glam Team!



Make-up Artist

 Yana is a hairstylist with more than 10 years experience all over the world.

She has worked and taught people in Russia, Europe and USA.

During this period she created her own training program and own style.

Over 2000 brides and bridesmaids,more than 500 completed the training program.


She received my license at Pivot Point Lab school and also have a several intensive private courses with a world renowned stylists like Georgiy  Kot,Goar, Ulyana Aster etc. “

Yana Smith

Hair Stylist

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 I am a hairstylist with more than 10 years experience all over the world.I work and teach people in